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Separator MSC

Vibrowest Separator MSC Image

Low Profile Circular Separator

Vibrowest’s low profile circular sieve model MSC has central outlet and is designed for control sieving.

It separates granular products, powder and liquid into particle sizes ranging from 51mm to 0,033mm (400 mesh).

The MSC is assembled with two vibratory motors on opposite sides of the exterior lower deck. This allows the
bottom outlet to be positioned directly below the top inlet, minimizing height requirements and enables material
to fall vertically through the screens at high rates.

Standard model range are in diameter size from 440mm to 1800mm


Screens are easily and quickly changed the screens can be equipped with various cleaning system as: balls, kleeners and the our innovative ultrasonic cleaning system.

The separator can be built to customer specification using carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304, stainless steel AISI 316.

On request: ATEX certification, FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP specifications can be provided.

All product contact areas can be polished to meet with Sanitary Standards.

Compact design, high level of efficiency and reliability allow MSC model to be adapted easily into product lines.

Vibrowest Separator MSC Image
Vibrowest Separator MSC Image
Vibrowest Separator MSC Image
Vibrowest Separator MSC Image