Packaging and Repacking Services

Packaging and repacking of finished product can be a tedious and time consuming task for production plants to undertake. When typically packaging in super sacks, changing to smaller containers for special orders can slowdown or stop production.   Situations like these can now be outsourced rather than having production within the plant production be impacted.   Elcan Industries offers packing and repacking services for companies that are looking to outsource this process.   Plants can handle special orders, meet surges in demand or keep up production during downtime on packaging equipment.

Our vast experience at our Toll Processing facility includes doing over a million pounds for a customer that was replacing their outdated packaging area.  At Elcan we sieve, blend and repack millions of pounds per year and most of the products are shipped directly to the final customer from our facility.   Elcan has a team of staff dedicated to all logistics, labeling and product quality control in our process.   When your customer receives your shipment it looks the same as it always does.  Elcan has expanded our capabilities for packing and repacking to accommodate any incoming and outgoing packaging size.  This ranges anywhere from super sacks to super sacks down to small 5 Kg bottles.


Elcan Industries has added a sewing and sonic heat sealing equipment.   The sewing machine works perfectly for companies looking to ship out finished product in stitched paper or plastic bags.  Our new heat sealer allows for products to be packed into 20 kg bags and up while being securely closed.   This is all done according to customer specifications and strict measures are taken to ensure product and lot integrity.   We have the ability to adjust our set up to meet any packaging needs that may arise. So whether you need a simple drum to drum repack or a more intensive type of repack, Elcan is there to help. Call today to find out more. (914)-381-7500.

packing and repacking
Typical packing and repackaging set up