The Optimal Choice for Screening Fertilizers

RHEWUM screening machines have proven to be the best solution worldwide when it comes to screening fertilizers. Whether it be Potash, Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, or any other type of nitrogenous fertilizer, RHEWUM has the equipment necessary to separate the material quickly and efficiently. RHEWUM offers screening machines for the fertilizer industry that can handle over hundreds of tons of product per hour! RHEWUM also has machines that can have up to 23 decks on it allowing for huge screening surfaces and maximum output!

Challenges with screening fertilizers:

Due to their hydropscopic characteristic, the screening of nitrogenous fertilizers can be challenging. Screening machines without a sufficient self cleaning system are susceptible to clogging from the adhesion of humidity in dust.

RHEWUM’s Solution:

RHEWUM screening equipment employs a direct excitation and high acceleration of the screen cloth to prevent this type of blinding. RHEWUM screening machines use a linear motion to ensure the transport of the material across the screening surface. This combination of directly excited screens and the linear motion caused by two counter rotating motors allows RHEWUM equipment to achieve efficincies far greater than convention screeners. RHEWUM screening machines feature electromagnetic drives outside the screen housing that create high accelerations on the screening surface. This guarantees an efficient screening of adhesive products by loosening the bed and segregating the mixture on the screening surface.

Screening fertilizers
RHEWUM WA Screening Machines

RHEWUM screening machines are the optimal choice when it comes to separating fertilizers. Allow RHEWUM’s vast experience processing fertilizer find the best solution for your company. Only RHEWUM screening machines offer such high capacities in the smallest possible space. The entire line of RHEWUM equipment can be modified to fit customer’s specific needs. Stop by Elcan’s facility in Tuckahoe, NY for a test to allow us to demonstrate the benefits of using RHEWUM equipment to better separate your difficult products.