Toll Processing Services Explained

Tolling services are defined as an agreement between a toller (manufacturer) and a company to process raw materials or near finished goods for a predetermined fee in exchange. This is also referred to as a “toll” or “tolling fee”. The term toll processing is a universal term but can also be referred to as toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing and a “toll manufacturer”. Toll processing services are an ideal option for companies that are looking for extra capacity, developing new products or making their current process more efficient and provide them with higher yields and profits.


Tolling Services Explained - Elcan Industries - Toll Processing


Tolling vs Contract Manufacturing

There are plenty of similarities between tolling and contract manufacturing, however there are also a few distinct differences. Contract manufacturing companies provide all materials, select vendors, and provide quality management for third parties. Tolling companies offer their expertise and unique processing solutions in conjunction with equipment, and customers supply the raw goods/materials for processing.


Companies that offer toll processing services can provide a wide range of experience in processing a broad selection of industrial materials across numerous industries. Whether it is food grade materials, polymers, high value metal powders and the like, tolling services by experienced toll processors might be of great benefit to your process.


What are the Benefits of Tolling Services?




There are several benefits of partnering up with a tolling service provider such as Elcan Industries. Successful partnerships create the perfect long-term catered solutions for companies’ processing requirements. With cost effective solutions, developing a solid business relationship with a toll processing company can save money, be a path to increasing profitability and the ease of scaling up or down any size operation at will.


There is no upfront capital investment required, although some like to travel and visit the plant ahead of time but is not necessary. You also get to leverage years of experienced machine operators, engineers, and technicians as well as flexibility throughout the process.


Elcan Industries is well known for working with some of the largest chemical companies in the world and providing them with fine screening at the highest levels. Elcan has been toll processing for over 20 years and during this time, has developed a patented high energy screening system that allows Elcan to sieve down to as fine as 10um on a large production scale! Sieving at such precise sizes is an unattainable feat for 99% of all vibratory screeners in the marketplace as of this writing. Most conventional toll processors have a difficult time screening at 44um let alone as fine as 10um.


Tolling services are also a great option for companies that have contaminated material that require a onetime sifting job, rather than discarding the material. The ability to sieve powders at fine sizes also allows companies to test out new products and cut sizes that were previously unattainable using other processes and sieving equipment.


Elcan Industries is THE choice for most companies when they are sick and tired of not attaining the true throughput rates, yields and efficiencies that they deserve and need. As the world becomes more advanced the need for finer particle sizing and tighter specs is becoming common place and Elcan has been on the forefront of this movement for the past 15 years. Experience the Elcan difference today. Contact us with any of your material handling needs today or schedule a free trial so we can benchmark our performance.


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About Elcan Industries:


Since our inception in 1993, Elcan Industries has focused on finding catered solutions to any screening problems that companies may be experiencing. We pride ourselves on doing the jobs that other sieving companies cannot do. We are always open to trying to any separation, no matter how obscure, or difficult it may seem. We have always focused on selling only the most advanced screening technologies available on the market. We have the ability to screen material from 10 microns to 10 mm and have achieved efficiencies of 95% and up at all of these sizes.