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Hammer Milling

JCFF Impact Mill

Construction specifications

The JCF series grinding mill is a new combined system, consisting of a horizontal grinding unit and a selection drum, in a single compact machine.

The maximum particle size for entry of materials is 15 mm, and the degree of fineness of the end product ranges from 8 to 150 μ.

This system is universally suitable for most products with a maximum hardness of around 3.5 Mohs.

It can also be adapted for materials with a hardness of 7 Mohs if constructed with suitably hard-wearing materials.

The machine can be opened easily for checking, cleaning and maintenance, as it is fitted with a pneumatic mechanism which allows the grinding and classification chamber to be opened.

Operational principle

The product to be milled is introduced into the grinding chamber from above, via a screw feed with variable capacity, and then by star valves which insert the product directly into the centre of the impact chamber.

Here the particles smash against each other and against the grinding parts; for a more efficient grinding action, the material is subjected to collision, friction and cutting in the space between the grinding mechanism and the toothed lining of the chamber.

The milled material is conveyed via an extraction fan to the ultra-fine classifier, adjustable by rotation speed, passing through the selected sieve.

By passing through the selection sieve, the material which has not yet reached the desired fineness is sent back into the chamber for a further cycle of grinding, while the product which is sucked into the transport tube is exactly the correct fineness, without waste or loss of material.

Operational advantages

  • Optimal energy efficiency
  • Low noise emission
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compact machine, minimum space required
  • Excellent quality and reliability
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Reliability
  • Grinds a wide range of materials

Generics machine data

The JCFF is a complete system for grinding, selection, filtration and bagging the product. The plant is complete with dosage system (A), grinding mill (B) followed by removal of the micronized product (C) by transporting the flow of material from the mill to the filter with a suction fan (D).

This flexible, modular system allows the installation, downline from the grinding mill, of a bagging system and/or a propulsion device, making it perfect for conveying micronized materials via multiple tubes. It would thus be possible to install several different dosage systems integrated to a single milling plant.

Total Installed PowerTotal Absorbed PowerCapacity per hourRaw MaterialFineness*Air CapacityPressureNoisiness
KWKWRange - kg/hmc/hmmH2OdBA
30017,515,810 ÷ 250< 10 mmd.90 < 30µm
d.50 < 15µm
800,0500,0< 75
40044,540,140 ÷ 450< 10 mmd.90 < 30µm
d.50 < 15µm
1500,0800,0< 75
600101,090,9100 ÷1000< 10 mmd.90 < 30µm
d.50 < 15µm
2700,0800,0< 75
800125,0112,5100 ÷1400< 10 mmd.90 < 30µm
d.50 < 15µm
4700,01000,0< 75
1000202,0181,8100 ÷ 1800< 10 mmd.90 < 30µm
d.50 < 15µm
6000,01000,0< 75

* Data refer the use of Sodium bicarbonate, technical grade

The JCFF system can also be combined with products from our range of microdosers: