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Rectangular Screeners are ideal for test screening segreagting solids from liquids

Rectangular Separator

Vibrowest manufactures rectangular separators is several different configurations. Rectangular separators are ideally suited for test screening segregating solids from liquids or dry material separation can be made in various particle sizes.

Vibrowest rectangular separators can be manufactured to customer specifications and specific facility requirements.


Rectangular Separator Attributes

  • Vibration is achivied by one or two vibrating motors
  • Vibration is adjustable for both frequency and amplitude with weights that produce and out of balance force
  • The vibrating motor design allows for easy adjustment of the counterweights. The easy adjustment allows the operator to find the best way to sieve a product (for gentle screening, slow movement through the separator, high through-puts or difficult to screen products)
  • High screening efficiency for both liquid and solid products
  • Vibrating motors are industry standard and are easy to service or replace
  • Equipped with high quality, heavy dust suspension that virtually eliminates transmitted vibrations
  • Easy to clean fast change screens means minimal downtime
  • Available "rubber ball" screen cleaning system
  • Built to customer specification available in carbon steel stainless steel AISI 304, stainless steel AISI 316
  • ATEX certification FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP available on customer request
  • Product contact areas can be mirror polished in accordance with Sanitary Standard