Screening sugar at course sizes is a task that can accomplished by most standard vibratory and shaking screeners. For coarse sizes, these machine can make the cuts, but often times they struggle to maintain the required rate. To make up for this, often times companies are forced to install multiple machines just to keep up with the production of the product. For finer grade classifications, both the rate, and micron size become very difficult to do on this type of screener.

Elcan's Experience

Elcan works closely with our German partner RHEWUM to offer only the best solution to this problem. If fine mesh sizes, and high rates are what you are looking for, then the RHEWUM WA machine is perfect for you. The WA machine employs electromagnetic drives on the sides of the equipment to transfer the energy directly to the screening surface from below. This allows for high rates and high efficiencies at low micron sizes. Recently, RHEWUM was successfully able to separate sugar in five fractions ranging from 1.8mm to .25mm at a rate of 300 tons per hour. Check out their article to find out more!

Rhewum Article