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Lithium Ion Battery

Updates to Processing Capabilities in the Lithium-Ion Battery Materials Market


September 30, 2020

New York, NY, Sept. 29, 2020 (Thomasnet) — Elcan Industries, today announced new advancements to its particle separation capabilities after successfully pairing together their Hi-Sifter and Elbow Jet technologies. Elcan has been working closely with EV companies and lithium-ion battery manufacturers to produce higher quality, high performance battery material for the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry. Elcan Industries has successfully integrated a new line of high energy screeners in conjunction with the Elbow Jet Air classifier to provide catered classification solutions to their customers. Using the hi-sifter, Elcan was able to separate anode materials at 107um and 32um for the initial processing step. From there, Elcan used the Elbow Jet to further classify the product at 10 and 2 microns respectively.

This new technology helps reduce the processing time and cost for raw materials needed for the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells. The sieving system also has the ability to mechanically sieve down to 10 microns which allows companies to create tight product specs and sieve out any product contaminants from the feedstock. The Elbow Jet allows for extremely fine classification of powders without the use of a classifying wheel. The technologies and toll processing services that Elcan offers companies allows them to be more competitive in the EV market by offering their end customers lower cost electric vehicles with longer lasting battery performance.

Elcan continues to advance the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market with its state of the art screening technologies and capabilities. Elcan has the ability to process materials for companies looking to scale up their production without having to capitally commit with the purchasing equipment and expertise to run the machinery. Their in house laboratory allows them to work with companies of any size to trial powders and deliver immediate performance feedback. Elcan has been processing high performance, high value add products for companies for over 30 years and have proven to be market leaders when it comes to screening powders efficiently.

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