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Molybdenum Powder

What is molybdenum? Molybdenum Powder (Moly) is a dense metal powder that is known for its wear resistance, and strong electrical conducting properties. Screening moly powder can be a tricky process using a conventional screener. Like any metal powder, it is very dense and this can kill the energy inside a screener, making the separation very difficult. The shape of the powder is typically not spherical and this needs to be considered when determining the right approach to sieving moly powder.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries can help separate molybdenum powders at sizes as fine as 25 microns. Sieving moly powder on a high energy screener will allow companies to achieve higher rates and efficiencies in processing. The high energy prevents the machine from overloading and keeps it elevated on the screen surface to prevent blinding. The energy spectrum inside the machine can be changed to manipulate whether oblong pieces pass through the screen mesh. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run Molybdenum powder at our toll processing facility, contact us today at (914) 381-7500.

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