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Tantalum Powder

What is Tantalum Powder used for? Some of the most common uses for Tantalum, as in the metal powder, is in the production of electronic components, mainly capacitors, and some high-power resistors. Tantalum powder is highly dense, which can lead to difficulty screening if there is insufficient energy to keep the particles from blinding the screen mesh. For high-value metal powders such as Tantalum, it is imperative to keep yield loss to a minimum to maximize the product’s value.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries has helped numerous companies in the metal powders industry find solutions for their screening needs. Using our Hi-Sifter technology, we can efficiently screen Tantalum powder as fine as 20 and 15um with 98% efficiency. Even with the low percentage of open area on the screen at 15 microns, we can still achieve extremely high yields, rates, and efficiencies. The high-energy approach of the Hi-Sifter prevents the powder from blinding the screen mesh and allows for minimum yield loss. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run Tantalum powder at our toll processing facility, contact us today!


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