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Crumb Rubber

What is Crumb Rubber? Crumb rubber is the by product of ground up rubber tires. Crumb rubber is the main component that goes into turf field to provide cushioning between the turf and the hard surface below. When it comes to screening crumb rubber, there are a number of difficulties that arise. Rubber, by nature, is extremely lively and during the screening process, it tends to bounce away from the screen hole openings. Another concern with crumb rubber, is that the dust that is in the pre-screened product may be hazardous to ones health. Crumb rubber has a tendency to grab on to the screen due to its stickiness. Its stickiness caused the formation of agglomerations that make separating it very difficult, especially at very fine sizes.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Working closely with a customer, Elcan developed a solution using a combination of technology and technique to efficiently separate crumb rubber at 325 mesh (44 microns). Using our minox air knife system, Elcan was able to achieve a 95% efficient cut at 325 mesh (44 microns). Elcan used a Minox Tumbler Screener with multiple decks, to make the needed fractions, and remove all dust from the feed, while preserving the yield of the product. By developing this new system, Elcan’s customer was able to create an entirely new product and open up a new market once previously believed to be unachievable. Feel free to reach out with questions on the best way to run this type of powder. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run Crumb Rubber at our toll processing facility, contact us today at (914) 381-7500.

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