Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay Powder also known as Kaolinite, is a clay powder that is used in a variety of industries including the cosmetic, ceramic, and paint industries. Sieving Kaolin Clay Powder can be a challenge due to the non-spherical nature of the powder, the low-density of it, and the fact that it is hydroscopic. Kaolin can easily blind the screen if not run correctly and if the feed is not metered well, the screen will quickly overload.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan has over 20 years of experience sieving Kaolin clay at sizes as fine as 32 microns. The key is employing energy on the screen to break up the naturally agglomerating powder. This will first break up the material and then as the powder progresses down the screen, the fines will begin to separate and pass through the screen mesh. Kaolin is light weight, but if you are able to quickly break up the agglomerates, then sieving at high rates should not be an issue. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run Kaolin Clay at our toll processing facility to see how screening Kaolin Clay on the Hi-Sifter can improve your process, give us a call at (914) 381-7500!

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