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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is created during the coal production process. Powder Activated Carbon is typically ground and then sized to specified requirements. Activated carbon is used in plating solutions, water and air purification, and even in toothpaste, mainly due to its adsorption properties. Screening activated carbon can be a simple process when separating out coarse fractions. For fine separations of activated carbon, energy and finesse is required to get particles to efficiently separate out into the desired fractions.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan has worked with countless companies to help them establish a sieving procedure for their carbon black products. For fine separations of activated carbon, screening using a high energy system has proven to be the fastest and most efficient form of separation. The energy generated from a hi-sifter allows agglomerated products to separate from one another and pass through the screen mesh seamlessly. For specialty activated carbon applications, use of a Minox Tumbler Screener may be implemented to help with any blinding or smearing issues that may occur during the processing.


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