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Nickel Powder

Nickel powder is a dense metal powder that has many characteristics that make it difficult to sieve. Spherical nickel powder has the tendency to blind screens and can quickly overload a screen if not properly monitored. Non-spherical nickel powder tends to have a porous texture and looks almost like coral. This can be difficult to screen because many of the particles are high-aspect, angular and only fit through the screen hole in one direction.

Elcan's Experience

Nickel powder is one of our favorite powders to run at Elcan because it requires some tricks and experience to get it to run properly. We have systems in place that can sieve nickel powder at virtually any screen size. We can go very coarse with the powder and even do fines removals at 10 microns for our many customers. Using our Hi-Sifter and MINOX technologies, we are capable of making virtually any cuts required on this powder.