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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel powder and stainless steel alloys are metal powders that are used for a variety of industries including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, and 3D printing. Depending on how the material is atomized, the approach to sieving stainless steel powder or stainless steel alloys may change. Gas atomized stainless steel is typically more spherical, and the density of the product can make it difficult to screen. For water atomized products, the approach to screening stainless steel changes as you have to manipulate angular particles depending on your specification.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

When it comes to sieving stainless steel powder and stainless steel alloys, the key to an efficient separation is always energy. The way that the powder was atomized will play a key role in dictating the amount of energy required for the separation. For spherical stainless steel powders that have been gas-atomized, running a high energy screener at full power will allow you to successfully make separations down to 10um, if not finer. For gas atomized powders, the same separation capabilities are available, but often times, a lower energy spectrum is used to more easily manipulate particles through the sieve mesh.Contact Us Button - Elcan Industries