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Hollow Glass Spheres

Screening hollow glass spheres can be an extremely difficult and tedious process. It requires a combination of technology and technique in order to make the required separations. The main issue when screening hollow glass spheres is coating of the screen mesh. The material is so light that it almost floats on the screen and has a hard time passing through the hole opening. Furthermore, the ingoing feed must closely be metered to avoid overloading the screen.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan’s Experience: Elcan has screened hundreds of thousands of pounds of hollow glass spheres for some of the largest producers in the world. Depending on the material, either a high energy approach or a finesse approach is required. Elcan has had great success using the Minox Tumbler Screener with its unique air system to make fine separations of this light material. The combination of a rotating air wand blowing through the screen with a light suction out the fines discharge helps this material vacuum through the screen.

On the other hand, the high energy screeners are also capable of making these separations at very fine mesh sizes. We have both available to test and encourage you to come witness!