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Copper Powder

Copper Powder is a very dense and typically spherical metal powder that is used in the electronics industry due to its conductive properties. Screening copper powder is a process that requires close monitoring of both the mesh openings and the level inside of the machine. The sphericity of the powder can sometimes lead to blinding of the screen mesh as perfectly round particles can plug inside the square mesh hole at 4 points. If the material is allowed to sit on the screen and afforded the opportunity to settle in the hole, it most likely will. The density of the powder can lead to overloading issues inside of the screener. Copper powder is so dense that it doesn’t take a lot to overwhelm the screen and kill the energy so a good level inside the screener is imperative.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries can help solve any problems you are having while sieving copper powder. The Hi-Sifter high energy screeners that we use will eliminate blinding by employing a vertical energy from underneath the screen. This keeps the powder inside of the screener elevated at all times and prevents the powder from settling in the screen opening. The density of the copper powder actually helps in the screening as the dense powder will separate easier when being stratified from all the energy on the screen. Elcan Industries has sieved Copper material down to sizes as fine as 10um on our Hi-Sifter screening technologies with 98% efficiencies. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run your Copper powder at our toll processing facility, feel free to reach out to us today.


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