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Glass & Ceramics

Sieving glass and other glass powdered products can be a very tedious process. There are many different types of glass powders and products and sieving these different powders requires a hands on approach. Elcan has multiple lines of sifting equipment at our disposal and sometimes different machines are required to sieve different types of glass powders. Contact us below to find out more about how Elcan can screen your glass powdered product.

Milled Glass Fibers

What are Milled Glass Fibers? Milled Glass Fiber is a powder product resulting from ...

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Glass Flake

Glass Flake powder is compromised of extremely small glass platelets of powder that can be as fine as 2 micron partic...

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Lucite Beads

Lucite beads are an extremely lightweight glass product that is often used in the production of glass and for art pur...

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Hollow Glass Spheres

Screening hollow glass spheres can be an extremely difficult and tedious process. It requires a combination of techn...

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Glass Powder

Glass powder is the result of glass being crushed using a mill. Glass powder is commonly used to make electronic tape...

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Glass Frit

Glass Frit is virgin glass that has yet to be conve...

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