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Bronze Powder

Bronze Powder is a metal powder that is used in a number of industrial and cosmetic applications. Sieving Bronze Powder is a delicate process because the product is so dense. Screening Bronze Powder can quickly lead of overloading of the screen deck and lead to inefficient sieving. Furthermore, Bronze Powder depending how it is atomized, can cause blinding of the screen mesh. Spherical bronze powder can lodge itself into the screen mesh if it is given the time to settle in the whole and angular bronze powder needs to be manipulated through the mesh.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Sieving Bronze Powder is a complex process made easier using a high-energy screening machine combined with the product’s density creates a throw on the screen that allows fine particles to stratify and pass through the screen mesh. By keeping the particles elevated, the material is never allowed to blind the screen mesh. Elcan Industries has consistently separated bronze powder at ten microns.


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