Packaging & Repackaging

After a customer inquiry to help them through a period of downtime while they modernized their packaging facility, Elcan Industries dedicated 2 entire bays, installed a brand new packaging line and learned how to take the customer’s product from supersacks into 25kg bags that had to be sewn shut. This allows customers the opportunity to have bulk sacks repackaged into smaller sellable bags. The bagging machine has load cells, which allow for the bag to be released exactly at the right weight. Then the material travels down the conveyor to be sewn and then palletized. This allowed the customer to continue shipping their product without any disruption while they installed the new equipment they purchased for this function over a 2 month period.

Over our 25 years of toll processing, we have packaged and repackaged material in every combination possible. Elcan can pack out material after being screened to meet any customer’s specifications. Whether it is from supersack to 10 kg bottles, boxes to drums or drums to bags, we have the ability to get the job done. No matter what your repackaging needs, Elcan has you covered.