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Salt comes in many forms including salt for consumption (table salt), or salt that is used to de-ice roads (rock salt). When it comes to salt screening, rates and efficiencies are the key factors. Often times, companies in the salt manufacturing industries need rates of over 100 tons an hour without compromising their ability to get an effective cut. Traditional shaker screeners have been used for these applications for years, but they have proven ineffective in lower micron ranges. The uneven dispersion of energy across the screen that is used with a flat shaker screener causes differences in efficiencies throughout the multiple decks on the machines. Often times with these screeners, the lower decks don’t receive nearly enough energy and this causes blinding. Near sized particles tend to get lodged in the screen when processing salt and this can cause production slow down.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan has worked closely with our supplier RHEWUM to provide a unique solution for salt screening. RHEWUM has hundreds of applications in the salt industry in Europe and we have begun working extensively with customers in the US. Elcan and RHEWUM developed a multi-deck system that is capable of removing fines from rock salt at 700 microns with a rate of 1400 TONS per hour. This system employs electromagnetic drives on every deck of the equipment to ensure that each level is receiving the same amount of energy. The RHEWUM system is the most advanced, and well suited machine for this industry.

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