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Tumbler Screening Machine

Allgaier Tumbler Screeners

Since its development in the 1950’s, the Allgaier Tumbler screener has been the standard for difficult to achieve powder separations. The unique 3-D, gyratory motion of these systems have evolved tremendously since then, but one thing has remained constant: a commitment to quality and performance. These patented systems have been helping customers all over the world achieve separations as fine as 20um at higher rates and efficiencies than standard vibratory screeners.

Tumbler Screening Technology

Allgaier Tumbler Screening Machines are renowned for their ability to provide efficient (95%+) particle separations and increased throughput rates. A combination of high-tech 3D motion and unique anti blinding devices (air knives, brushes, ultrasonic, and bouncing balls) present materials to screen the surface efficiently and keep the holes open for the best possible results. The results are higher throughputs and in-spec materials that other screeners cannot achieve. The circular construction with central material feed and variable outlet positions makes it easy to clean. The tumbler screening machine has a patented adjustment system which allows the operating parameters to be set quickly and simply.

Tumbler Screening Machine - Elcan Industries


The Next Chapter

After 30 years of competition, Elcan Industries and Allgaier are proud to offer this system for sale in the United States. Allgaier’s 70 years of manufacturing excellence, paired with Elcan’s 30 years of powder sifting expertise will change the sieving landscape in the United States. Elcan Industries now houses Allgaier Tumbler Screeners at our contract manufacturing facility in Tuckahoe, NY. The systems are available for trials and tolling and companies are invited to call and schedule a trial whether it be a super sack or an entire truckload. Elcan will support all Allgaier spare parts and also coordinate remeshing of their screens out of this facility.


Tumbler Screener Specs

Construction Specifications

  • Available in sizes from 600mm up to 2600mm
  • Capable of 5 Decks of separations at once
  • Anti-blinding devices, including air knives, Ultrasonics, balls, and sliders
  • Mild steel, stainless steel, or pharmaceutical finish
  • Pneumatic lifting system for fast screen changes
  • Capable of separations from 20um to 2 mesh


  • Screening efficiency up to 99% and high throughput rates
  • No particle destruction due to “hand sifting like” tumble motion
  • Large variety of product specific mesh cleaning systems are available
  • Dustproof construction and low noise, low vibrating operation
  • Capable of extremely high rates across multiple decks
  • Unique screen cleaning devices only available with these systems


  • Mining & metals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Specialty Glass powders and flakes
  • Super Absorbents
  • Graphite and Anode materials
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals
  • Aggregates and Ores


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