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Electromagnet Separation Equipment

High Powered Electromagnet

Elcan Industries’ CG Electromagnetic Separator is a state-of-the-art high powered magnetic separation solution tailored to meet the stringent requirements of contemporary industries, ranging from powdered metals and additive manufacturing to elite sectors such as Lithium Ion Battery Materials and Aerospace. Elcan’s Class II Div II & UL Rated magnetic separators are meticulously engineered to proficiently isolate particles, eliminating contaminants and guaranteeing unparalleled product purity. Inclusive of their advanced capabilities, the systems boast a compact design and are simpler to operate than traditional separation methods and other industry-standard equipment.

Different Types of Screens for Various Applications

Electromagnetic Separation Screens - Elcan Industries

Benefits of Using Elcan Industries’ Electromagnetic Separator Equipment

Configuration: Class II Div II & UL Rated

Optimized for Wet or Dry Material: The systems can reach up to 19,500 Gauss and are available to test and toll processing at Elcan’s facility in Tuckahoe, NY. The CG electromagnetic separator can process both wet and dry materials .  This ensures efficient separation even in conditions where moisture might be a concern.

Effective Iron Separation: The separator is adept at making iron separations of grain sizes under 0.01mm. This is achieved by directing the magnetic flux to the center of the unit, enhancing higher flux density without any magnetic leakage. This ensures that even minute iron particles are effectively separated.

Vibration for Improved Flow Rate: The inclusion of vibration to filters ensures effective removal of iron, which in turn improves the screen flow rate. This means that the processed material flows smoothly without obstructions.

No Magnetic Leakage: The design of the CG electromagnetic separator ensures that there is no magnetic leakage. This means that the magnetic force is fully utilized for the separation process, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Wide Range of Products: Elcan Industries offers a variety of electromagnetic separators, including the CG and CGX models. This ensures that customers have a range of options to choose from based on their specific needs.

Electromagnetic Separation Screens - Elcan Industries (1)

Elcan Industries Electromagnet Specs

Customizable Screens to Fit your Needs

  • Configuration:  Class II Div II & UL Rated
  • Standard Screen is a high efficiency screen that comes standard with every unit
  • Honeycomb Screen for difficult to remove contaminants maximizes magnetic surface area
  • Ring Screen for powders with a lower % of contaminants
  • MicroPitch Screen is ideal for removing iron from anode materials

Magnetic Separator Specs

  • Standard Screen: Interval 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm
  • Honeycomb Screen: Up to 75 pcs can be set
  • From 6,000 GAUSS to 19,500 GAUSS
  • Interchangeable Magnetic Screens
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easily change between products


  • Battery Industry: Utilized in the purification of materials used in battery production.
  • Mining Industry: For the separation of valuable minerals from gangue.
  • Recycling Industry: To separate ferrous materials from recycled products.
  • Food Processing: To remove metal contaminants from food products.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring the purity of drugs by removing any metallic contaminants.
  • Agriculture: Used in grain processing to remove metal debris.
  • Waste Management: For the separation of ferrous materials from waste.
  • Ceramics and Glass: To remove iron contaminants from raw materials.
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