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Glass Flake

Glass Flake powder is compromised of extremely small glass platelets of powder that can be as fine as 2 micron particles. Screening glass flake is an extremely delicate process that must be closely monitored. The product is susceptible to plating on the screen, which can completely kill the air flow inside the machine. Furthermore, the low density of the product and shard like particle shapes can make it difficult for particles to find the holes in the screen mesh.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Sieving glass flake is a process that Elcan helped pioneer with our line of new screeners in the early 2000s. Elcan was able to successfully prove that the high energy approach to screening is the best method for separating glass flake powders. The high energy being employed into the screening surface keep the particles constantly elevated and prevents plating from ever occurring. It also keeps the air flow going through the machine which helps prevent the light particles from floating inside the screener.