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Alumina (aluminum oxide)

Alumina powder is a ceramic powder that is used in countless industries depending on the particle size of the material. Alumina powders are typically used for corrosion and wear protection of materials. Sieving alumina powder can be a difficult process due to the lack of flowability and irregularity of the shape of the particles. Fine sieving alumina powder is an extremely difficult process to do on a conventional screener, because the lack of energy inside of these screeners leads to very low screening efficiency.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries can sieve alumina oxide powder at any micron size down to ten microns. Using the high energy vibratory screener the Hi-Sifter, sieving alumina powder is now a process that can be done at higher rates and efficiencies than ever before. The high energy breaks up all agglomerates in the powder and causes the fines to stratify and pass through the screen mesh. The end user can manipulate this energy spectrum to decide which particles pass through the mesh and which don’t. Sieving alumina powder at fine sizes requires the feed to be closely monitored, but using the high energy system, you can prevent overloading by adjusting the residency time on the screener. Feel free to reach out with questions on the best way to run this type of powder. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run alumina powder (aluminum oxide) at our toll processing facility, contact us today at 914-381-7500.

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