Delumping Services

Elcan Industries has a wide range of equipment that can help break up and “delump” a wide variety of materials. We can help you recover good product from what might otherwise be considered waste. For instance, if you have material that has hardened up in your factory and needs to be broken up, Elcan has the tools and the skills to get the job done right. Elcan has helped numerous companies make money off of old material that has been lying around in the warehouse collecting dust. Many materials harden over time in drums, bags, or supersacks. Elcan has developed methods to break this up and turn it into good product. We also repackage it.

Using a combination of equipment, technique and elbow grease, Elcan has created numerous methods of delumping and breaking up material. Often times, we use some of our high energy screeners to size the material after it has been broken up. We have also found that for some products, the massive vertical amplitude inside of this screening equipment is enough to break up the material as well. We have delumpers and lump-breakers as well. Regardless of how hard the material is, Elcan is always willing to give it a shot to help our customers.

Successful jobs that Elcan has already accomplished include: Powdered Aluminum, DE, Potassium Persulfate, Powdered Yeast, Aluminum Flake, Clays, Flours, Chemicals and Minerals. Any material that has become unusable because it has agglomerated or even become hardened in the container is now able to be turned into sellable product by our delumping services.

Delumping or breaking up old product allows customers to turn a perceived loss into a profit. For dense metal powders that harden up over time, the material itself still holds value. Elcan is able to break up this material to make it more manageable and then has the ability to screen it to size.