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3D Printing Polymer Powders

3D printing polymers are a key component in the SLS printing method. The powders typically used in this industry are PA11, PA12, and TPU powders. Sieving 3D printing polymers into a specific size range is an integral part of the 3D printing process. These powders are often sticky and need to have fines removed at sizes as low as 50 micron. Failing to remove these fines will result in poor builds and low-structural integrity parts being made. Screening 3D printing polymers is a process that Elcan has helped countless companies improve upon in our contract manufacturing facility and we can likely help you too!

TPU Powders

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Powders (TPU) are used in the 3d printing polymer process due to the powders rubber like e...

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PA12 Powder

PA 12, or polyamide 12, or Nylon PA12 is a plastic powder that is similar to PA 11, but is known for its toughness, t...

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PA 11 Powder (polyamide 11 / Nylon 11)

PA 11 or polyamide 11 or nylon PA11 powder is a bioplastic polyamide powder that is used for a wide-array of applicat...

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