Carbon Black Material

What is Carbon Black? Carbon Black powder is a material that is a by product of the combustion of heavy petroleum powders. Carbon Black material is sometimes used in the batteries to replace the use of graphite as the anode material in the product. Carbon black for battery materials needs to be sized to a very tight range in order to function at its full potential inside of the battery cell. Sieving carbon black is a difficult process due to the low density of the product and lack of flow-ability. To sieve carbon black efficiently, energy on the screen is needed to keep the material from blinding the screen and overwhelming the screen mesh.

Elcan's Experience

Elcan has sieved Carbon Black at sizes as fine as 32 microns. Using a double deck screener, Elcan often helps companies sieve  Carbon Black to meet both the top and bottom specifications of the powder. Regardless of how tight this specification is, Elcan has been able to achieve tremendous success classifying carbon black. The energy on the screen keeps the particles elevated on the screen surface and prevents the blinding from ever occurring rather than finding a way to deal with the already blinded screen. If you would like to schedule a trial to run Carbon Black powder at our toll processing facility to see how sieving Carbon Black on the Hi-Sifter can improve your process, give us a call at (914) 381-7500!