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Glass Frit

Glass Frit is virgin glass that has yet to be converted or fired in a furnace to it’s final form. It is commonly used in compounding enamels and ceramic glazes. Glass frit can be very abrasive, which can damage the screen cloth if not handled properly. It also tends to have irregular shaped particles, which makes it difficult for some particles to find the screen hole opening.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries has toll manufactured over a million pounds of glass frit for various large producers. Using our high-energy approach, we have found that the energy being transferred to the screen surface from underneath is perfect to break up any agglomerates in the material. Keeping the material elevated and the particles bouncing in the air allows for the finer particles to find the screen openings while the oversized material gets discharged out of the screener. If you would like to schedule a test trial at our toll processing facility to see how sieving Glass Frit on the Hi-Sifter can improve your process, give us a call at 914-381-7500!

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