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Lithium Iron Phosphate

What is Lithium Iron Phosphate? is an inorganic compound with the formula LiFePO 4. It is a gray, red-grey, brown or black solid that is insoluble in water. Because of its lower cost, high safety, low toxicity, long cycle life and other factors, LFP batteries are finding a number of roles in electric vehicle use, utility scale stationary applications, and backup power. LFP batteries are cobalt-free.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan, while utilizing the Hi-Sifter equipment,  has successfully separated Lithium Iron Phosphate material. Elcan Industries works closely with many Lithium Iron Phosphate users and producers to help them sieve their powder into very fine, very tight specifications. The key is having energy on the screen in order to separate this type of material fine sizes like 10 microns. The shape of the Lithium Iron Phosphate affects the amount of energy needed to make the separation. For finer separations of Lithium Iron Phosphate down to 2 micron, the Elbow Jet system is better suited since there are no screen openings that small. Both technologies contain no rotating parts/high wear items and are available for testing or tolling at Elcan. If you would like to schedule a trial to run Lithium Iron Phosphate powder at our toll processing facility to see how sieving Lithium Iron Phosphate on the Hi-Sifter can improve your process, give us a call!

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