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Brass Powder

Brass powder is an alloy that is made up of copper and zinc. It has very low friction properties and a high corrosion re...

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Bronze Powder

Bronze powder is a metal powder that is used in a number of industrial and cosmetic applications. Sieving bronze powder ...

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TPU Powders

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Powders (TPU) are used in the 3d printing polymer process due to the powders rubber like elas...

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PA12 Powder

PA 12, or polyamide 12, or Nylon PA12 is a plastic powder that is similar to PA 11, but is known for its toughness, tens...

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PA 11 Powder (polyamide 11 / Nylon 11)

PA 11 or polyamide 11 or nylon PA11 powder is a bioplastic polyamide powder that is used for a wide-array of application...

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Lucite Beads

Lucite beads are an extremely lightweight glass product that is often used in the production of glass and for art purpos...

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Stainless Steel

Difficulties Sieving: Stainless steel powder and stainless steel alloys are metal powders that are used for a variety of...

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Copper Powder

Copper powder is a very dense and typically spherical metal powder that is used in the electronics industry due to its c...

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Aluminum flake

Aluminum flake is a powder that is typically used in the pigments and coatings industries. It has a platelet like shape ...

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Molybdenum Powder

Molybdenum Powder (Moly) is a dense metal powder that is known for its wear resistance, and strong electrical conducting...

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