Main Applications category applied to all used as the primary category so the url will show as '/application/:material' whereas '/applications/:category' which is different because it get multiple "applications" of the same category

PVDF Binder for Lithium-Ion Batteries

What is PVDF powder used for? Polyvinylidene fluoride more commonly known as (PVDF) polymers, are widely used as bind...

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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide powder is a metal powder that is used in a wide array of industries ranging from cutting tools to ci...

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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is created during the coal production process. Powdered activated carbon is typically ground and the...

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Carbon Black Powder

Carbon Black powder is used in a wide array of electronics applications due to its ability to efficiently conduct ele...

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Mica is a quarried mineral that is reduced in size down to fine powder. This fine powder has properties that are effe...

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Alumina (aluminum oxide)

Alumina powder is a ceramic powder that is used in countless industries depending on the particle si...

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