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Elcan Industries handles various applications in our facility on a toll processing basis. We can screen powders down to virtually any size specification. Contact us for your material needs.  

Black Mass

What is Black Mass? Black Mass is the first step in the battery recycling process and is based on t...

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Niobium Powder

What is Niobium Metal Powder? Niobium powder is an effective microalloying element used in steel...

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Tantalum Powder

What is Tantalum Powder used for? Some of the most common uses for Tantalum, as in the metal powder,...

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Milled Glass Fibers

What are Milled Glass Fibers? Milled Glass Fiber is a powder product resulting from ...

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Lithium Manganese Oxide

What is Lithium Manganese Oxide? Lithium manganese oxide (LMO) is a class of electrode material tha...

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Lithium Iron Phosphate

What is Lithium Iron Phosphate? is an inorganic compound with the formula LiFePO 4. It is a gray, re...

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