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Problems with classifying: Hemp has many uses including food, clothing, and biomedical applications. Most of the uses of hemp involve milling in down to very fine micron sizes (less than 10um). However, modern milling limitations make an 100% yield of product unattainable. This means that separating out the coarser sizes from the product is imperative to obtain the desired PSD of the product. Typical air classifier contains a wheel that can degrade and get in the product, which can lead to contamination. Other methods include using water to separate hemp, but this can become costly as post drying treatment is needed to return the product to its original form.

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Elcan’s Solution: Classifying hemp is not an easy process as it requires the ability to make separations at low micron sizes without damaging the product or introducing foreign matter to the process. The Elbow Jet Air Classifier is capable of making these fine separations using only air flow and density. The potential for cross contamination while separating hemp is eliminated using this piece of equipment due to the fact that the Elbow Jet Air Classifier does not contain a classifier wheel. This makes it perfect for biomedical applications with strict requirements.


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