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Additive Manufacturing Powders

Additive Manufacturing Powders include, but are not limited to: Titanium, Aluminum, Cobalt Chrome, and Nickel. All of these are dense metal powders that tend to have spherical characteristics. This can lead to potential problems with sieving these powders due to the fact that spherical powders can lodge themselves in the square mesh opening which results in blinding. The dense metal powder can also quickly overload a screen if the material sits on the mesh for too long. Standard vibratory screeners normally require making cuts at sizes larger that the original powder spec in order to make efficient separations.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan’s new line of Hi-Sifter sieving equipment excels with these type of dense metal additive powders. The high energy on the screen keep the particles jumping on the screen surface which eliminates the potential for mesh blinding. This high energy approach allows the particles to stratify in the air resulting in the fines flowing seamlessly through the screen hole openings. For conditioning AM powders, the Hi-Sifter is capable of fines removals down to ten microns. For recycling AM powders, the Hi-Sifter Powder Reclaiming System can make separations at 44 micron without any production slow down.

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