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Metal Powders

Using our advanced sieving technology and years of experience, Elcan has distinguished ourselves as the leader when it comes to sieving and screening metal powders. Separating metal powders at very fine sizes is an integral part of many processes and Elcan has developed methods to screen metal powders at sizes as fine as ten microns! WE have worked with nearly every metal powder before and are confident we can provide a sieving solution that works for your powder. Check out more below.

Niobium Powder

What is Niobium Metal Powder? Niobium powder is an effective microalloying element used in steel...

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Tantalum Powder

What is Tantalum Powder used for? Some of the most common uses for Tantalum, as in the metal powder,...

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Brass Powder

Brass powder is an alloy that is made up of copper and zinc. It has very low friction properties and a high corrosion...

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Bronze Powder

Bronze Powder is a metal powder...

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel powder and stainless steel alloys are metal powders that are used for a variety of industries includi...

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Copper Powder

Copper Powder is a very dense and typically spherical metal powder that is used in the electronics industry due to it...

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