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Carbon Black Powder

Carbon Black powder is used in a wide array of electronics applications due to its ability to efficiently conduct electricity. It is also commonly used as a filler for plastics and is prominent in the pigments industry as well.  Carbon Black can also be used as a filler mixed in plastics, elastomer, films, adhesives, and paints as well. Sieving Carbon Black Powder can be a tedious process due to the powder’s lightweight nature. The low density of the product can cause it to float inside a machine and make it difficult for particles for find mesh hole opening. The other obstacle that arises when screening Carbon Black is the smearing nature of the product that can coat the screen cloth and blind the sieve mesh.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan has efficiently separated carbon black down to sizes as fine as 15 microns. There are a few different approaches to take and they require different types of machinery. For fine and coarse sieving of carbon black, the Hi-Sifter uses energy to make separations. The energy on the screen surfaces keeps particles elevated and prevents them from settling in the screen mesh openings. For fine and medium grade applications, the Minox Tumbler screener can be used with a variety of screen cleaning devices to help keep the screen mesh open. Call today to set up a test to find out which works best for your process!

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