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Silicon Anode Powder for Batteries Industry

What is Silicon powder material used for? As many lithium battery companies in the industry continue to search for process improvements, some companies have begun to replace graphite with silicon powder as the battery anode material. Silicon Anode Powders being selected as the anode material has been increasing in popularity after it was proven faster in recharge time for EV batteries. Sieving silicon for batteries is a process that must be done delicately in order to hit the target specification. Sieving Silicon powder is not an easy process due to the fact that it is very lightweight and can be somewhat sticky in nature. The result is that if it is not sieved using the right technology, the machine will quickly blind. This will lead to inconsistent material and processing issues downstream. battery powder manufacturing and processing

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries has been able to create a process for separating silicon powder at sizes as low as 20 microns. Using the Hi-Sifter high energy screener, the material and agglomerates of the material rapidly break up on the screen surface and flow seamlessly through the screen mesh. The result of this is higher rates and yields while processing at finer sizes. This leads to higher production for companies while still being able to maximize how much product is being produced. If you would like to schedule a trial to run Silicon material at our battery powder manufacturing and processing facility to see how sieving Silicon on the Hi-Sifter can improve your process, give us a call!

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