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PA12 Powder

PA 12, or polyamide 12, or Nylon PA12 is a plastic powder that is similar to PA 11, but is known for its toughness, tensile strength, and corrosion and weather resistant properties. Unlike PA 11, that is derived from bio-engineered plastics, PA12 is derived from petroleum based sources. Sieving PA12 or Nylon 12 powder can be a difficult process due to the light weight nature of the powder and the stickiness of the powder. Sieving PA12 requires the powder to closely be metered into the machine to avoid overloading the screener and can require a few passes on a conventional screener to hit the 53 micron fines spec.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan’s experience: Sieving PA12 or Nylon 12 powder is a process that has been done on conventional screeners since the 3d printing industry came to the forefront. Companies have settled with inadequate sieving efficiencies and rates in order to produce the powder in spec. As the world has gotten finer, so has the spec, and at 53 mcirons, traditional screeners are no longer able to keep up. Elcan has developed a process for sieving PA12 powder at sizes as fine as 20 microns. The key is energy on the screening surface, which prevents the material from blinding and allows for fines to pass seamless through the screen mesh.  If you would like to schedule a test trial to run PA12 powder at our toll processing facility to see how sieving PA12 on the Hi-Sifter can improve your process, give us a call at (914) 381-7500!

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