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Mica is a quarried mineral that is reduced in size down to fine powder. This fine powder has properties that are effective in paints and coatings. Mica powder particles are typically platelets and have little to no flowability properties. This means that sieving mica powder needs to be done in a manner that prevents the plating of the particles.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Sieving mica powder is a process that Elcan has worked closely with many companies to perfect. The key to screening mica is to avoid the plating of the material on the screen. Using a high energy sieve, the particles are kept elevated inside of the screening machine and are never afforded the opportunity to blind the screen mesh. The result is a very clean processing of the material and typically leads to sharper cuts over air classifying. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run mica powder at our toll processing facility, contact us today at (914) 381-7500.

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