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Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt chrome is extremely dense and this is a major factor when sieving it. The material can quickly settle on and in the screen and both coat and blind the screen mesh. The heavy density of it can result in machine overloads and may cause tensioned meshes to begin to stretch and tear.

Standard sieving companies have developed a great method to efficiently sieve cobalt chrome and other similar powders. CHEAT THE HOLE! Use a bigger micron size than actually required. Elcan is not a believer in this methodology. If your powder spec is 44 microns, it should be sieved at 44 microns, NOT 53, 63, or 74 microns as has become common place in the industry.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan’s line of high energy screeners allow you to use whatever mesh size you desire. The high energy on the screen keeps the particles highly activated and prevents the mesh from ever blinding. The patented tensionless screen cloth method means that stress tears in the screen mesh are virtually impossible. We have successfully sieved cobalt chrome down to 10 microns at rates of 130 lbs and up and 96% efficiencies. The screens don’t blind or rip.