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PVDF Binder for Lithium-Ion Batteries

What is PVDF powder used for? Polyvinylidene fluoride more commonly known as (PVDF) polymers, are widely used as binders in lithium ion batteries. It can be injected, molded or welded and is commonly used in the chemical, semiconductor, medical and defense industries, as well as in lithium-ion batteries. Such delaminating process of the active mass leads to declining the performance of lithium-ion batteries during the process of charging-discharging, quick capacity fading and decreasing the battery serviceability. For this reason it is very important to select a binder, which will reduce the delaminating the active mass. PVDF plays an important role in powering batteries, particularly, the lithium-ion batteries. This is due to its high level thermal and electrochemical stability as well as its excellent adhesion between electrode films and collectors.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Elcan Industries has helped companies develop sieving solutions for processing Li-Ion batteries. Many companies come to Elcan looking to remove fines from their product. Using our patented Hi-Sifter technology Elcan has successfully been able to remove fines out of the powder at hole opening as fine as 15 microns! For coarser powders being used, Elcan has achieved high rates and increased yields at 150 microns. As the EV industry grows, Elcan is constantly trying new things to develop processing solutions for companies both emerging and established in the industry.

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