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Rice Flour

Flour is Flour and all Four is created equal? Not necessarily! Flour has its own inherent properties that can make it very difficult to screen and/or separate. From removing the ash left in the flour after milling to make white bread flour to poorly ground rice flour which leaves partially ground pieces that peg (not blind) screens. Flour is one of the most widely used food ingredient and one ingredient that presents several challenges in ensuring it cleanliness. The food industry has been pushing forward with new technologies like exploding wheat in order to be able to produce cleaner more efficient bread flour to constant processing advancements to green initiatives. Why hasn’t the screening industry followed and kept up with these improvements. Well now it has!

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Working closely with a customer, Elcan developed a solution using a combination of technology and technique to efficiently separate several different types of flour with their own unique characteristics. Elcan used a high energy screener, the Hi-Sifter, for rice flour in order to eliminate the pegging caused by poor grinding. Something that cannot be solved with ultrasonics and that balls and sliders are currently failing at. The high energy can bounce that material out of the holes ensuring a clean mesh all the time. Because of our wide range of capabilities we were also able to look at different material and use other machines that will work for your specific application. Hence why the Versa-Screener. This is used for high rate standard separations. Contact Elcan for a true solution that TRULY meet YOUR needs.