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Toll Processing Services and Toll Manufacturing


Elcan started toll manufacturing (contract manufacturing) many years ago to assist customers in making products while their purchased unit was built and installed. From that initial beginning, Elcan continued to develop its toll processing capabilities to assist with our customer’s product success. There are many reasons to consider contract manufacturing like new product development, raw material formatting, fluctuating demand, product recovery/restoration, supplemental manufacturing capabilities, develop operating techniques to support machine sale, as well as the initial reason of getting a product produced while your system is being built.

Full line toll manufacturers provide powder processing services to customers in exchange for a predetermined fee for the use of machinery and expertise to create value added products or to process raw materials. We have experience in a wide range of applications including hemp processing, sugar, rice, flour, crumb rubber, glass spheres, titanium and 3d Extrusion material. It allows a company to powder test new techniques and ventures without the capital outlay of installing machinery.

Toll Processing Capabilities

As a toll processor, our advanced facility offers clients the opportunity to test and develop new products without the same capital commitment associated with purchasing sieving equipment. Our contract manufacturing facility has 8 full scale bays dedicated to toll processing and manufacturing and only Elcan has the technical experience and know how to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. The massive facility can handle orders from 100lbs to up over one million pounds of product! Whether it be screening, air classifying , mixing and blending services, packaging and repackaging services, magnetic separation or anything else you may need done, Elcan has the solution.

toll processing companies

Toll Processing

Elcan Industries’ state of the art toll manufacturing facility features 8 bays dedicated to toll screening. Using these advanced systems, we are able to create catered solutions for our customers that standard systems cannot...

Mixing and Blending

Elcan Industries has expanded our corporates capabilities to include mixing and blending in addition to their extensive line of screening and toll manufacturing services. We have a number of double ribbon blenders that keep the product in a constant motion and has...

ribbon blender and powder blending services
repackaging and packaging services

Packaging and Repackaging

After a customer inquiry to help them through a period of downtime while they modernized their packaging facility, Elcan Industries dedicated 2 entire bays, installed a brand new packaging line and learned how to take the customer’s product from supersacks into 25kg bags t...

Magnetic Separation

Elcan Industries teamed up with the manufacturer of the machine Eriez Magnetics. In a short period of time, the unit was installed and running for the customer. The magnet is perfect for companies looking to remove metal contaminants from a product. Elcan has assisted nume...

Magnetic Separation Services
repackaging and packaging services

Delumping Agglomerated Powders

Elcan Industries has a wide range of delumping equipment that can help break up and delump a wide variety of materials. We can help companies recover good product from what might otherwise be considered waste and turn it into profitable and usable material....