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Aluminum Flake

Aluminum flake is a powder that is typically used in the pigments and coatings industries. It has a platelet like shape to it which makes screening aluminum flake powder a difficult process. Like any flake powder, the powder is very susceptible to plating across the screen which can kill the air flow and result in a blinded screen mesh. The powder is dense and is typically misshapen so keeping an eye on the layer inside of the screener is imperative. Safety is a huge concern when running this product as well.

Contract Manufacturing Experience

Screening aluminum flakes is a difficult process that requires a large amount of screen energy to make the separation. Using high energy screeners, Elcan has successfully sieved aluminum flake down to 12 microns. The high energy prevented the particles from plating on the screen and the density of the product worked well with the energy spectrum inside the machine. At our contract manufacturing facility, Elcan handles millions of pounds of Al per year and safety is our top priority. Feel free to reach out with questions on the best way to run this type of powder. If you would like to schedule a test trial to run Aluminum Flake powder at our toll processing facility, contact us today at (914) 381-7500.


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