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Elcan Industries Announces Partnership with Allgaier

Elcan Industries

Tuckahoe, New York, April 16 2023— Elcan Industries, a leading provider of screening and separation solutions in the United States, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Allgaier, a German-based manufacturer of high-quality screening equipment with over a century of experience. This collaboration will enable Elcan Industries to exclusively represent Allgaier’s interests in the United States, further expanding their product offerings and enhancing customer service.

Allgaier x Elcan Partnership 2023

Established in 1906, Allgaier is renowned for its innovation and engineering prowess in the screening equipment industry. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge technology and superior performance, Allgaier’s products have been trusted by businesses worldwide. Their partnership with Elcan Industries, a company with 30 years of expertise, is a testament to their shared values and commitment to providing customers with screening results.


Russell Grotto, Executive Vice President of Elcan Industries, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “We are thrilled to join forces with Allgaier, a company that shares our dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This partnership expands our product offerings and demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with the best market screening technologies.” Elcan will house several Allgaier screening machines at its contract manufacturing facility to conduct trials for its customers to benchmark performance.


The strategic partnership promises to deliver unparalleled value to customers in the United States seeking advanced screening equipment, reinforcing both Elcan Industries and Allgaier’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of providing companies with advanced particle separation techniques and customer satisfaction. “Partnering with Allgaier was a natural next step for Elcan as we continue to expand our market presence in the US,” says Grotto. “As Elcan begins the next chapter in our company history, we feel Allgaier is the ideal match to help us continue finding sieving solutions for customers that have relied on antiquated technologies for many years.”


About Elcan Industries:


Elcan Industries has been a trusted leader in the screening and separation industry for over 30 years. Specializing in providing various industries with advanced contract manufacturing services and screening technologies, Elcan Industries is dedicated to delivering high-quality sieving technology to high-value high-performance industries and exceptional customer service. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to ongoing innovation, Elcan Industries continues to set the standard for excellence in the field.


About Allgaier:


Allgaier is a German-based manufacturer of high-quality screening equipment with a rich history dating back to 1906. The company is renowned for its engineering expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch products that cater to the diverse needs of its global clientele. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Allgaier continues to be a driving force in the screening machine industry.

Groundbreaking Separation by Removing “Fluff/Fibers” From Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Materials

Elcan Industries

Elcan Industries Achieves Groundbreaking Separation by Removing “Fluff/Fibers” From Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Materials with Proprietary Sieving Method


Tuckahoe, NY – Elcan Industries, a leading toll processing company specializing in advanced particle separations, announces a major milestone in separating “fluff/fibers” from used Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) materials. Elcan Industries can remove fiber/fluff contamination at 99% efficiency using their cutting-edge proprietary sieving method and technologies.


This achievement marks a significant step forward in particle separations and sets a new standard for industry performance. The ability to separate fluff out from unusable SAP material will allow super absorbent producers and users the ability to recover virgin SAP from material that has been deemed a waste stream. Not only will it save companies money, but it will also significantly reduce the need to dispose/landfill and stockpile unusable SAP material. Most of this product is formed after diapers have failed quality inspection and have been shredded leaving a material mix of virgin SAP and fluff behind.

“We’re thrilled to have achieved this groundbreaking result,” says Russell Grotto, Executive Vice President. “Our proprietary sieving method represents a major leap forward in particle separations. Most would consider this a nearly impossible separation to make. We’re proud to offer this as an exclusive service to companies looking to remove fiber/fluff contamination from their materials on a tolling and machinery sale basis”.


The proprietary sieving method is available at Elcan Industries’ state-of-the-art contract manufacturing facility. Clients can use this revolutionary technology and technique to achieve unparalleled levels of purity in their materials. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Elcan Industries has led the way with all types of difficult-to-make particle separations.


For more information about Elcan Industries’ proprietary sieving method and contract manufacturing services, visit their website at


About Elcan Industries:

For over 30 years, our advanced contract manufacturing company has been the leader in powder processing & handling services. With unmatched expertise and cutting-edge proprietary technologies, we have set the standard in the industry for precision and efficiency. Our unparalleled abilities have allowed us to consistently outshine our competitors, solidifying our reputation as the go-to choice for any project requiring superior results and performance.


Contact: Rafael De Oliveira

Domestic: 914-381-7500

International: 1-800-AT-ELCAN (1-800-283-5226)


Elcan Industries Announces a New Powder Sieving Facility in Gastonia, North Carolina

Elcan Industries

Tuckahoe, New York, September 28, 2022 – Elcan Industries, a provider of specialized toll processing services, is expanding and opening a new 30,000-square-foot processing facility this week in Gastonia, North Carolina, to support the growing demand for its highly sought-after powder sieving services. The building will officially open for business on October 1, 2022, offering customers a wide array of contract manufacturing services.

Powder Processing Facility - Elcan Industries Gastonia Facility 1

“The opening of Elcan’s new Gastonia facility is an important step towards realizing our company’s goal of becoming the leader in powder handling in the United States,” said Russell Grotto, Vice President. “This newly acquired space will be one of four additional locations throughout the United States that Elcan plans to open to support the disruptions in the supply chain and also to keep up with the growing demand for third-party manufacturing services,” added Grotto.

Powder Processing Facility - Elcan Industries Gastonia Facility

The powder materials industry has significantly changed in the last few years. Companies require more precise particle sizes for various new applications developed with the current advancing technology. Elcan Industries is well known for its proprietary sieving technology: the Hi-Sifter, because while other screening technologies cannot screen powders down past 74um efficiently or at all, Elcan has been sieving materials at 10um on an industrial scale with over 98% efficiency for the past 15 years.

Powder Processing Facility - Elcan Industries Gastonia Facility

Elcan Industries’ Gastonia facility will offer powder separation services (down to 10um), along with industrial dry powder blending, repackaging from bulk trucks, and transloading services from rail cars as well. The facility is also offering warehousing services for companies in need of extra storage capacity. The site is strategically located and capable of processing truckloads a day of various powdered materials.


About Elcan Industries

Elcan Industries is the leader in advanced powder separation and contract manufacturing solutions. Founded in 1993 as a machinery sales company, Elcan has grown into an international distribution and toll processing solutions provider. The company works closely with customers to developed catered processing solutions using their unique line of equipment. Their 30 years of processing powders combined with their distinctive technologies has separated them from other tollers and sieving machinery companies. Elcan has a full scale tolling and testing center in Tuckahoe, NY. Call today to find out more. 1-800-AT-ELCAN.


New Technology That Creates a Better Battery


It comes as no surprise that the use of electric vehicles (EVs) has risen exponentially over the past 10 years, and this trend has been accelerating at a faster pace than most analysts’ predicted. With the rise in demand for higher performing batteries, major battery manufacturers turn to Elcan Industries for their high performance powder screening needs. Elcan industries has developed new technologies and techniques specifically catered for the batteries materials industries that helps manufacturers improve and develop new battery technologies. Elcan helps companies produce innovative battery materials that revolutionizes the performance of their battery applications. Elcan has become a major contributor in the creation of new battery structures to power the future of emission free electric vehicles (EVs).

Reduction in Cell Failure

Elcan Industries’ line of Hi-Sifter and Elbow Jet Air classifiers has helped companies develop previously unattainable fractions of their powders. Whether it be graphite or silicon for anode materials, or lithium based nickel products for cathode production, Elcan has the ability to help refine the process.

As pioneers in the materials processing industry, Elcan has been ahead of its counterparts with its unparalleled screening techniques and equipment. Since the early 90s Elcan was already helping companies effectively screen powders down to as fine as 10um with over 99% efficiency. Elcan has successfully helped companies achieve higher yields and cleaner products for their various battery applications which helps companies avoid structural failures within the battery that degrades performance over time. With the high-end products Elcan is able to produce for lithium ion battery manufacturers, it allows them to mitigate potentially dangerous failures of the cell containers.

Longer Lasting Battery Life

Sizing of powders is an integral part of the battery formulation process. Most powders need to be sifted to below 44 micron in order to maximize the amount of powder within each battery cell. The ability to fine screen at these sizes allows companies to produce not only the cleanest (contaminant free) grade of powder, but also to obtain as much life out of the battery as possible. The machines also allow companies to produce more powder over a shorter period of time and eliminate what is often a bottleneck in the production process.

Elcans Experience

Elcan Industries has helped numerous EV and Lithium-Ion Battery producers develop and improve upon existing powders and processes. The advanced equipment has helped companies with research and development of new powders at fine sizes that are not achievable using conventional screening equipment. This new approach to screening has allowed Elcan and their customers to re-shape the market and deliver new solutions in a rapidly evolving market. Elcan has a full scale toll processing facility in New York where they sift powders and examine new methods to help companies find an edge in this competitive market.

Elcan offers material testing on their advanced, high energy screening technologies. Elcan encourages companies to send in material for testing to benchmark their performance. They will run any product specifications/cuts that you require. Elcan also provides all PSD analysis from their Malvern and RoTap equipment. Elcan is open for visitors, but understand that some companies have travel restrictions due to COVID-19, so they are offering virtual tests for companies that wish to witness the test remotely.

For more information on Elcan’s screening technologies featured in the article please visit our website:

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USA Domestic: (914) 381-7500

International: (800) 283-5226


Updates to Processing Capabilities in the Lithium-Ion Battery Materials Market


New York, NY, Sept. 29, 2020 (Thomasnet) — Elcan Industries, today announced new advancements to its particle separation capabilities after successfully pairing together their Hi-Sifter and Elbow Jet technologies. Elcan has been working closely with EV companies and lithium-ion battery manufacturers to produce higher quality, high performance battery material for the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry. Elcan Industries has successfully integrated a new line of high energy screeners in conjunction with the Elbow Jet Air classifier to provide catered classification solutions to their customers. Using the hi-sifter, Elcan was able to separate anode materials at 107um and 32um for the initial processing step. From there, Elcan used the Elbow Jet to further classify the product at 10 and 2 microns respectively.

This new technology helps reduce the processing time and cost for raw materials needed for the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells. The sieving system also has the ability to mechanically sieve down to 10 microns which allows companies to create tight product specs and sieve out any product contaminants from the feedstock. The Elbow Jet allows for extremely fine classification of powders without the use of a classifying wheel. The technologies and toll processing services that Elcan offers companies allows them to be more competitive in the EV market by offering their end customers lower cost electric vehicles with longer lasting battery performance.

Elcan continues to advance the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market with its state of the art screening technologies and capabilities. Elcan has the ability to process materials for companies looking to scale up their production without having to capitally commit with the purchasing equipment and expertise to run the machinery. Their in house laboratory allows them to work with companies of any size to trial powders and deliver immediate performance feedback. Elcan has been processing high performance, high value add products for companies for over 30 years and have proven to be market leaders when it comes to screening powders efficiently.