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Vibrating security screener for powders and liquids

Vibrating security screener for powders and liquids. The reduced vertical dimensions facilitates the insertion of the machine into existing systems providing remarkable production capacity in small spaces. This machine is designed to be used in the most demanding food and pharmaceutical production cycles. It’s quick disassembly and ease of cleaning in addition to it’s crevice-free design, make it perfect for this application.


Construction Features

  • Quick closures for fast disassembly without tools
  • Made completely of stainless steel
  • FDA approved seals
  • Rubber suspension mounts (no springs)
  • Compact and easy to handle

Intended Applications

  • High performance security screening
  • Ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Accesories and Variants

  • Dust-proof cover with inspection port and suction inlet
  • Sieve with built-in magnet
  • Various systems for automatically deblinding sieve meshes
  • Wheeled Trolley