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Screening Anode Materials for the Batteries Industry

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

Graphite Lithium Ion Battery Powder



The lithium-ion battery market is rapidly growing as more companies begin to produce electric vehicles and super chargers that are more eco-friendly. As the demand for these products grows, the need for better battery performance increases. One of the primary components in the lithium-ion battery is graphite powder. Sieving Graphite powder for lithium-ion batteries is a critical part in the manufacturing of these high performance batteries. If the graphite powder sizing is not accurate, it will affect battery life and limit the capabilities to produce the structure required with this advancing technology. Natural graphite, synthetic graphite, and spherical graphite can all be used for this process and separating materials like these can be a challenge.


The size ranges for the anode materials being sieved varies from product to product, but in most applications, the size distribution for the particles must be tight. Elcan Industries has been working with leading lithium-ion battery companies to help them develop catered specific solutions for their graphite materials. Using the new Hi-Sifter technology, Elcan can offer companies the ability to sift these graphite powders at sizes as fine as ten microns. This unique screen technology employs energy directly into the screen mesh which causes the particles to jump on the screen. The result is fine separations without blinding. Developing a process without blinding is a key factor in maintaining consistent graphite powder product used for battery production.  Sieving graphite materials on the Hi-Sifter powder sieving machine can also result in higher yields compared to conventional sieves and air classifiers. It eliminates the “tail” that is commonly found after processing with a classifier.


The Hi-Sifter is made of completely polished stainless steel and does not contain any organic materials in the product-contact areas. The system is available in up to three decks with allows for companies to produce 4 different grades of powder in a single pass. Unlike ultrasonic and vibratory screeners, the screens are tensionless which means there is no sending screens back to be redone. Elcan Industries has a contract manufacturing and testing site where we offer companies the opportunity to try out any of our equipment.

Screening Graphite Powder for Lithium Ion Batteries


For finer sized powders, the Elbow Jet Air classifier may be suitable as well. The Elbow Jet System employs the Coanda Effect, which replaces the commonly used classifier wheel. The Coanda Effect relies on air flow and density to make separations at sizes as fine as one micron. It eliminates the potential for any contamination from the abrasion of the classifier wheel and can also make 2 classifications at once. This means that companies can produce three different size fractions of powder in a single pass.



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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”