magnetic separation machine

Magnetic Separation

In 2012, an Elcan customer approached us with a dilemma, they needed magnetic separation of powders and had jointly purchased a magnet with another tolling company to pass their material through to remove contamination. The machine was the Eriez DVMF Electromagnet. Unfortunately, the machine was never able to be run properly because it was too complicated for the original toller. Elcan and the customer then made a deal to have Elcan take the magnet, get it running and work off the purchase by running the customer’s product at a discount.

Elcan Industries teamed up with the manufacturer of the machine Eriez Magnetics. In a short period of time, the unit was installed and running for the customer. The magnet is perfect for companies looking to remove metal contaminants from a product. Elcan has assisted numerous companies removing ferrous material from their product using this magnet as well. The equipment passes a current through the coil within the machine creating a magnetic field. This in turn magnetizes the steel matrix inside the machine. As material passes through the magnetized matrix, any magnetic material gets caught and the non-magnetic material passes through. Once the matrix is full, the material is removed and the process continues. Elcan Industries has this equipment available for testing and toll processing.