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Industrial Separation Equipment for the Battery Industry

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”

Industrial Separation Equipment

Magnetic separation is a critical process in various industrial applications that leverages the magnetic properties of materials for separation. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the field’s principles, equipment, and best practices, with a special focus on its application in the battery industry.

What are the Principles of Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separator Working Principle Elcan Industries


Magnetic separation operates on the fundamental principle that materials with magnetic properties are attracted to a magnetic field. The efficiency of this process is determined by factors such as magnetic field strength, particle size, and material properties.

Types of Magnetic Separation Technologies

Different industrial applications require specific magnetic separators:

  • Magnetic Drum Separators: Utilized for the continuous separation of ferrous contaminants from non-magnetic materials in bulk.
  • Magnetic Pulley Separators: Integrated into conveyor systems, these separators extract ferrous contaminants, ensuring product purity.
  • Dry Magnetic Separators: Designed for materials where moisture is a concern, these separators offer efficient separation without the use of water.

Applications of Magnetic Separation in Industries

Magnetic separation plays a pivotal role in various sectors, but its application in the battery industry is of particular interest:

  • Mining: Efficiently separates valuable mineral ores from gangue.
  • Recycling: Segregates metal components from mixed waste streams, enhancing recycling rates.
  • Food Processing: Ensures contaminant-free food products by removing ferrous contaminants.
  • Battery Manufacturing: Critical for isolating specific material contamination to ensure high performance battery cells and reducing cell failure.

Case Study: Recovery of Graphite from End-of-Life Batteries

60 Second Testing vs Large Scale Testing - Elcan Industries


Challenge: A leading battery manufacturer approached Elcan Industries with a challenge. They were looking to recover their Graphite, a valuable component, from their end-of-life batteries. However, the presence of ferrous contaminants was hindering the recovery process.

Solution: Elcan Industries assessed the possibility of sieving out the contamination on their Hi-Sifter sieving equipment. The contamination was found to be in the size range of the Graphite material therefore, Elcan implemented its advanced magnetic separation equipment to remove the ferrous contaminants without sacrificing yield. Elcan’s electromagnet allowed us reduce the contamination level down 10 PPM. The result was a significant increase in Graphite recovery rates, with over 98% purity achieved, allowing the manufacturer to reuse the recovered material in their process once again.

Case Study 2: Manganese Purification

Manganese Powder for Battery Manufacturing

Challenge: Another battery producer was facing challenges with the purity of Manganese material, a crucial component in many modern batteries. Ferrous contaminants, even those as small as a few microns, were affecting battery performance.

Solution: Elcan Industries utilized its industrial separation equipment, and optimized for magnetic separation of fine powders. The outcome was a drastic reduction in ferrous contaminants, ensuring that the Manganese used in the battery production was of the highest quality.

Maintenance and Optimization of Magnetic Separators

The field of magnetic separation is witnessing continuous advancements. Recent innovations cater to high-temperature operations and corrosive material handling. As industrial demands evolve, magnetic separation technology is poised for further enhancements. For optimal performance and longevity of magnetic separators:

  • Routine Cleaning: Prevents material buildup, ensuring consistent separation efficiency.
  • Periodic Inspection: Identifies wear and tear, facilitating timely replacements or repairs.
  • Operational Optimization: Adjusting parameters like magnetic field strength or feed rate can enhance separation efficiency.

Magnetic Separation Services at Elcan Industries


Magnetic separation, with its foundational principles and diverse applications, remains indispensable in various industries. As technology progresses, companies like Elcan Industries not only continue to refine and advance the capabilities of magnetic separation equipment but also offer toll processing services to meet the specific needs of businesses. This ensures they meet the evolving demands of the industry, especially in the burgeoning battery sector. Elcan’s proficiency in removing ferrous contaminants is ideal for businesses aiming to purify their products from metal impurities. We’ve successfully undertaken numerous initiatives to help companies eliminate ferrous elements using our magnetic separator. Instead of investing in expensive machinery, many firms have found it more economical to let Elcan handle their contaminated batches through our toll processing services. We’ve collaborated with numerous businesses that faced operational challenges due to unintended product contamination. With our magnetic solution, we’ve ensured that clients didn’t have to discard largely unaffected products, maintaining their yield. Whether it’s a single bucket or multiple truckloads, Elcan’s system is ready to manage the task. Pairing our magnetic separator with our sophisticated sieves guarantees that businesses receive only the purest products.


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Magnetic Separation FAQs:

1. How does magnetic separation efficiency vary with particle size?
Efficiency is often inversely proportional to particle size. Smaller particles may require higher magnetic field strengths for effective separation.

2. What are the key considerations when selecting a magnetic separator type?
Factors such as material properties, operational environment, and desired purity levels influence the choice of separator.

3. How does material moisture content impact magnetic separation?
Moisture can affect material flow and separation efficiency. Dry powder magnetic separators are designed to address these challenges.

4. What are the advancements in high-temperature magnetic separation?
Recent innovations focus on materials and designs that can withstand elevated temperatures without compromising separation efficiency.

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Elcan finds screening solutions to problems that other companies cannot. Find out why we have earned the nickname, “The Screening Experts.”