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Minox screening technology is defined by its creativity and dependability

We can solve the most difficult screening challenges rapidly and efficiently. A wide variety of uses in almost all industries mean that development work is continuous and dynamic. New ideas for improvements are put into practice quickly and systematically in our own factory. You can also use our range of engineering technology for testing and for your own product and process development. We have various demonstration and test screening machines available. And of course we provide professional screening services, as well as a full range of spare and replacement parts for all common screening machines.

minox technology
minox tumbler screener machine

Minox Tumbler Screeners are renowned for their ability to provide efficient (95%+) separations and increased throughputs. A combination of high-tech 3D motion and unique antiblinding devices (air knives, brushes, ultrasonic, and bouncing balls) present materials to screen the surface efficiently and keep the holes open for the best possible results. The results are higher throughputs and in spec materials that other screeners cannot achieve.

The Minox MTS has a modular design that makes it easy to handle. The machine ranges in sizes from 600-1000-1200-1600-2000-2400 & 2600 mm in diameter and can have up to five decks. The machine is available in mild steel, stainless steel, or with a pharmaceutical finish as well. The circular construction with central material feed and variable outlet positions makes it easy to clean. The machine has a patented adjustment system which allows the operating parameters to be set quickly and simply. The machine also has a MINOX-patented pneumatic lifting system for fast and safe screen exchange and a patented balancing system for low dynamic loads on the foundation.

Minox Screener

Jet-Sieve Mls 200


  • Uses standard 8” sieves (no need to purchase expensive custom made sieves)
  • Prevents inaccurate results due to screen blinding
  • Deducts statically bound fines that do not separate in conventional test sieves


  • For dry materials of all kinds from 20 to 1,000 microns
  • Superior for electrostatic materials
  • Excellent on products that tend to blind screens


  • Screen diameter: 8″
  • Electric requirements: 110V, 1 phase
  • Vacuum cleaner: max. 1,000 watts


  • Can analyze sample quantities between 1 and 200 grams
  • The sample material is first put on the appropriate sized screen
  • Select the proper screening duration on the timer switch
  • Press the start-button
  • With the use of a vacuum cleaner, the material is pulled through the screen by negative pressure
  • Simultaneously, the screen is cleaned by the air-knife with the use of positive air pressure from under the screen
  • Both the negative and positive pressure are adjusted with the use of a control dial. It is possible to reproduce any test with exact conditions any time

Minox Screener

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Applications Used:

Crumb Rubber

Crumb Rubber

Glass and Ceramics

Glass & Ceramics

Super Absorbents

Super Absorbents