Particle Separation Services

Elcan Industries has a wide array of sieving equipment in our toll processing facility that we use to offer our advanced fine particle separation services. These offerings include sifting, classifying, and magnetic separation of powders. The powder processing services offered by Elcan are not limited to powder separation services as we also offer repackaging & mixing and blending services as well. This blog post will cover the various types of particle separation services that Elcan has to offer and the benefits of each type.

Fine Particle Separation Services

  1. Sifting

  2. Classifying

  3. Magnetic separation

Screening Fine Powder Using a High Energy Screener

Industrial Sieving Machine

Elcan Industries carries a line of screeners called the Hi-Sifter. The Hi Sifter is able to make very fine particle separations that conventional screening machines can not make. This includes making particle size cuts at sizes down to 10 microns. These high energy screeners employ a vertical energy into the screen mesh, which keeps the powders elevated on the screen surface which prevents blinding from occurring. Sieving powders using the Hi-Sifter high energy screening machine, allows companies the opportunity to create new products and develop new markets without being capitally committed to purchasing a machine. The Hi-Sifter typically achieves higher  rates, yields, and efficiencies due to the precise sizing capabilities it offers.

Fine Particle Separation Methods Using a Tumbler Screening Machine

Minox Tumbler Screener

Elcan uses various fine particle separation techniques which include using different systems to help separate powders. This is due to the fact that there is no one single machine that will be able to separate every powder. Unlike the high energy screener, the tumbler screener employs a finesse approach in order to make efficient fine particle separations. The Minox Tumbler screener uses three dimensional gyratory sieving approach to separate powders that need to be guided through the screen mesh. Minox Tumbler Screeners are renowned for their ability to provide efficient (95%+) separations and increased throughputs. A combination of high tech 3d motion and unique anti-blinding devices (air knives, brushes, ultrasonic, and bouncing balls) present materials to screen the surface efficiently and keep the holes open for the best possible results. The results are higher throughputs and in spec materials that other screeners cannot achieve.



Elbow Jet Air Classifier -

Elbow Jet Air Classifier

Using the various sieves Elcan has to offer, particle separations can be made down to ten microns. For separations finer than ten microns, Elcan uses the Elbow Jet air classifier system. This system is vastly different from conventional air classifiers as it eliminates the use of the traditional classifier wheel inside of the system. Instead, it uses the coanda effect, which creates a drag on the particles and allows for separations to be made via airflow and density. The system is also the only classifying system that can produce three grades of product in a single pass. The system has no rotating parts and is made of stainless steel and reinforced tungsten carbide which makes it ideal for industries that can not afford to have organic components in the system.

Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separator - ERIEZ Magnetics -

Elcan Industries also offers magnetic separation in our powder processing services as well. Elcan houses an Eriez Magnetics DVMF magnet which is one of the strongest dry powder electro magnetic separator systems in the world. The ERIEZ magnetics system has a magnetic matrix inside that reaches over 15000 Gauss. For products that have a ferrous contaminant in it that is the same size as the powder, the Eriez DVMF is the optimal choice. Magnetic removal down to very low ppm levels is achievable and this system can be used in conjunction with a screener as well.

Fine Particle Separation Services
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Elcan offers a wide array of powder separation services to help clients find catered solutions for their individual product. No machine will work for every product so Elcan uses a combination of technology and technique to develop processes for each individual client. All of these systems are available for purchase and are run every day at Elcan tolling facility. Elcan also offers repackaging, mixing/bending, and delumping in conjunction with these services.

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